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Mega Mission

Time for a change? We think so. Time for a fresh approach? Most definitely. ONE agency: ONE mission. Putting YOU at the heart of our business.

A business run by people who are passionate about the industry. We've done it before: and now we're doing it again. Only this time, we'll be bigger, better and smarter.

In a rapidly changing media world, you need an agency that's on your side. An agency staffed by experienced news, technical, sales and royalties professionals across the United States, Europe and Australia. Professionals with proven track records who are always on hand to help you and also serve the needs of our extensive clientele. Our business will define the next generation of media agencies.

A technological powerhouse utilizing advanced tools and technologies to deliver your content across the globe faster than ever before. Implementing new media technology and ad revenue initiatives ensuring we stay ahead of the game.

It’s time. Are you ready to make the change? Don't get left behind.

Welcome to…..


Mega Careers

Want to be part of the most exciting new team in the media industry? The Mega Agency is now hiring. Naturally, only the best need apply.

Across the world, Mega is looking for:

Photographers, Videographers, Picture Editors, News Editors, Account Executives, Reporters, New Media Advertising Operations Specialists

Who are we?

An exciting new media business run by experienced professionals who are passionate about the industry. A technology-led powerhouse that will be faster and smarter than its rivals. With proven track records, we’ve done it before and now we’re doing it again, creating a business that will define the next generation of media agencies.

We are….


To apply for any of the above positions, or if you think you have something exciting and new to bring to the table, contact us: jobs@TheMegaAgency.com

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